Healing Heart Collection

The Healing Heart Collection is a tribute to the victims, families and communities affected by the tragic events of April 18 and 19, 2020. 

Inglis Jewellers will donate 100% of the profits from this collection to projects and organizations supporting the victims' families.
Based on the vision of local artist, Dawn Rowan, the pendant design is a mirrored 22 forming a heart, a symbol of love for those lost and those left behind.

There are three styles of pendants in this collection: a simple unadorned heart; a heart featuring one diamond, in honour of the unborn twenty-third victim; and a heart featuring 23 diamonds, one for each victim. 

All styles are available in sterling silver, 10k rose gold, 10k white gold, and 10k yellow gold.

In collaboration with one of our jewellery partners, Inglis Jewellers is offering a limited production of this collection, now available for pre-order with delivery in 2021.